Tuesday, February 18, 2014

AAEA "Times Herald' Article Says Keep Danskammer Closed

"Coal Plant Should Not Reopen"

Times Union [FULL OP ED]


Why is the New York state contemplating giving new life to what was one of the worst coal polluting plants in the country?

With coal power responsible for thousands of deaths annually and a host of major pollution problems, including high-levels of carbon pollution and other toxic emissions that lead to smog, soot, and asthma, New York must move beyond this energy source.

Fortunately, a diverse group of organizations are working to prevent this

Saturday, February 15, 2014

New York City Councilman Donovan Richards

New Chairman of the New York City Council Committee on Environmental Protection

Donovan Richards
Donovan Richards is a Democratic New York City Council member from the borough of Queens representing New York City’s 31st District.  During June 2011, Donovan Richards became the chief of staff for New York City Councilmand James Sanders. After Sanders was elected to the New York State Senate, Richards was elected to the New York City Council during a 2013 special election.

Incumbent Councilman Donovan Richards (D-Laurelton) — who won a special election in February for the southeast Queens seat vacated by his mentor, state Sen. James Sanders (D-Jamaica) — won his first term in City Hall with 92 percent of Tuesday’s vote. Richards had the second-largest number of votes among the borough's council races with 17,226. (Wiki, Facebook)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Notice: New York City Council To Hold Air Quality EJ Hearing

The New York City Council

Committee on Environmental Protection

Councilmember donovan richards, Chairman

REPORT of the Infrasturcture Division

Robert Newman, legislative director

TO:                              Invited Guests

FROM:                        Samara Swanston, Counsel to the

                                    Environmental Protection Committee

Re:      Air quality Impacts and ways to measure and address them in NYC environmental justice communities

Date: 2/28/14

Time: 1:p.m.

Location: 250 Broadway, 16th FL Committee Room

We would very much appreciate an opportunity to hear your ideas and perspectives on the above Oversight Hearing topic.

Please testify in person and it will be real time live streamed on Time Warner Channel 74 or submit comments in writing.

Con Edison Urges 7,000 Harlem Residents to Cut Back Their Energy Use

 A dangerous mix of melted snow and salt, now a ubiquitous presence on city streets, is eating through upper Manhattan’s subterranean web of electrical cables, Con Edison officials said this week.
Salty winter roads are frying Harlem’s underground electrical system and necessitating an uptown crackdown on energy consumption.

A dangerous mix of melted snow and salt, now a ubiquitous presence on city streets, is eating through upper Manhattan’s subterranean web of electrical cables.

Con Edison warned residents who live in a pocket stretching from W. 131th St. to W. 153rd St., between Riverside Dr. and Broadway, to stop using “non-essential” appliances until further notice.

The utility issued the call for conservation as Mother Nature continued to freeze up the five boroughs with what seems to be a never-ending series of storms.

Officials urged residents to refrain from using dishwashers, washing machines, dryers and non-essential lights.

About 7,000 residents are impacted by the request, which Con Ed stressed is voluntary but has no end-date in sight.  (Daily New, 2/6/2014)