Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Did Any New York Green Pork Go To Any Green Blacks?

When Congress finished with the spending bill earmarks, New York received $28 million for various projects. But did any of the pig filter down to any green black groups? Yes there are several in New York. Historically, Blacks have eaten low on the hog while others feasted high on the hog, but it appears that 'green-blacks,' or their constituents did get some chitterlings. Here are the projects and funding:

  • $98,000 to build a solar powered affordable home for an emergency worker in Westchester
  • $295,000 to fund Bronx Community College's new Sustainable Energy Center
  • $$3.2 million to expand power generating water turbines under the East River
  • $2 million to help bild an energy efficient building to house the New School's energy research center
  • $599,000 for a green visitor center at Brooklyn Botanic Garden
  • $246,000 to build a leafy roof on a metal fabrication plant in Red Hook
  • $164,000 to fund green collar job-training programs for troubled youth in city schools
  • $1.5 million to fund a solar-power research center in upstate Kingston
The $164,000 represents 2% of the $8.1 million in this sample. Low on the hog. (New York Post, 2/17/07)

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