Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hunts Point Produce Market Move Could Help Clean Air

Although the Hunts Point produce market is the most profitable such facility in the world with about $2 billion in annual revenues, the bounty does not seem to benefit the surrounding area and air pollution is significantly increased due to all of the truck traffic. The privately owned wholesale fruit and vegetable cooperative is threatening to move because the city will not put up $150 million to help build a new $750 facility. The Hunts Point Food Distribution Center also houses the New Fulton Fish Market and includes other meats. Our take on the move threat: don't let the door hit you on the way out.

The Bronx is already inundated with all kinds of pollution generating sites. Losing this massive source of truck traffic will ease the air pollution burden on this section of New York. There are already power plants nearby, sewage treatment, bus depots, trash transfer stations and highway thoroughfares undermining the health of residents. Let the lease expire in 2011. Turn it into a park or green jobs center. Put that $150 million into manufacturing green products. Maybe there should be multiple facilities anyway instead of one central wholesale outlet in the area. (New York Post 6/11/08)

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