Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wedgewire Screens- Best Available Control Technology

Cylindrical Wedgewire Screens would significantly reduce entrainment and impingement of Hudson River fish.

Wedgewire screens allow water to be “filtered” prior to entering the plants' cooling system eliminating the possibility of clogging pumps.

Fish, fish larvae, and fish eggs larger than the slot size are excluded from the intake screens.
Flow-through slot velocity (0.5fps or less) eliminates the possibility of extrusion.

Wedgewire Screens in operation at Unit 2 in April 2013/14, and at Unit 3 in April 2014/15.
Wedgewire screens can be installed in 5 years.

Wedgewire Technology offers the best environmental solution to protect human health, the environment and the fish populations in the Hudson.

The screens can be installed by 2015, and begin to further enhance fish protection efforts a full 15 years ahead of Cooling Towers.

Cooling Towers pose significant environmental and permitting problems that are highly likely to generate numerous law suits that will delay the permitting and construction if in fact they can be permitted.


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