Thursday, July 31, 2008

Indian Point Independent Safety Evaluation (ISE)

The Indian Point Independent Safety Evaluation (ISE) Panel is a body of 12 experts in nuclear safety, security, emergency preparedness and public policy. At the request of Entergy Corporation, the owner of the Indian Point Energy Center (IPEC), the Panel conducted a comprehensive, independent evaluation of the Indian Point nuclear power station in Buchanan, New York. The Panel operated openly and transparently, as required in its Charter. They evaluated Indian Point performance in comparison with their own experience and expectations for high-performing nuclear plants both in the United States and internationally.The Panel concluded that the IPEC is a safe plant and that Entergy is attentive to nuclear safety.

Operations are conducted competently and professionally, meeting the high standards of the U.S. nuclear industry. Plant safety systems are well maintained and reliable. IPEC’s performance compares favorably to high performing plants in most aspects of nuclear safety.

However, the Panel found that IPEC’s relationship with the public and stakeholders, particularly on matters of emergency preparedness, is not healthy. Overall, the Panel found that security at the plant is strong. The Panel operated with complete independence and had full access to the plant and its employees. Its written report, prepared independently from Entergy, is being made available to the public without editing by any party. (ISE Report)

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